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Signs that your running shoes should be replaced.

If we don’t remember how many kilometers we’ve been running or walking in our current pair of running shoes, How do we know when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes? Which we can check the condition of the shoes by ourselves from the following

Be careful salaryman.

Most of the salaryman tends to blame the salary for how little it is. Or the cost of living is high? Yes, you are wrong. But did you forget that There are many other factors that can make your wallet tasty as well. Becareful your lifestyle. Be careful! 5

3 Stress-Relieving Nutrients Found in Different Foods.

Things that relieve that stress It’s not just food alone. But rest and adequate exercise It can help reduce stress as well. Research has found that regular exercise. Whether it’s running, walking or yoga. It can help reduce stress. Which corresponds to the principle Self-care in the form of 3 A. is choosing

Good planning

“Good planning” will help us make fewer mistakes.

Good planning will help us make fewer mistakes. Did you notice that When we do something without planning in advance. Often prone to getting stuck Or not as smooth as intended. Especially in the daily life of many people who are in a hurry and race against time, good