The old coach trusted Soboslai good from the start.

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Former Hungary assistant coach Giovanni Costantino is confident Dominic Soboslai will emerge quickly as one of the Premier League‘s stars.

The 22-year-old joined from RB Leipzig for £60m last weekend. This makes him Liverpool’s second signing of the summer.

Costantino, who coached Zoboslai between 2018 and 2021 has told the Daily Mail the youngster has all the ingredients to become a star at Anfield. And claimed that he may face the challenge of becoming a top player.

“Listen, I don’t believe people who say ‘Dominique will need time to adapt to the Premier League’. I think he’s going to make an impact from the start.” Constantino said.

“His idea of ​​wearing No.8 is a huge responsibility. And he’s not afraid of responsibility. So he just needs the support of the fans. unbelievable”UFABET

“I’m sure the fans will like him from the start because he is a player who makes the fans Happy with his style of play.

Costantino revealed that his last meeting with Soboslai took place before Leipzig’s Champions League clash with Manchester City.

“When you see that game Even if it’s not good for his team. But his level isn’t too far off from the Man City players.

“That means he’s already a Premier League player. I think he has improved a lot. His father and surrogate are very important to him.”

“I think his skills are perfect for Liverpool and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years He will be one of the stars of the Premier League.

“He’s ready, he’s ready.”