The FA Cup game match where beat Gunners, Liverpool beat Arsenal 2-0

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The FA Cup game, the match where the Swans beat the Gunners, Liverpool beat Arsenal 2-0

• Attack after attack, just keep attacking, but what Arsenal failed to do was score a goal.

•In the end, Liverpool hit back to the tip of the chin.

• Liverpool invad and knock Arsenal out of the FA Cup. Arrived home and had many statistics to capture from this game.

In fact, from the perspective of many sides, Arsenal looked quite superior to Liverpool in the game at Emirates Stadium on Sunday. Due to the fact that the latter is having problems with many injured players. Also had to lose Mohamed Salah and Wataru Endo from national service, but the victory went to Liverpool softly 2-0 (Yakub Givior OG, Luis Dia H) which allows the Reds to continue qualifying for the 4th round of the FA Cup, while Arsenal can eliminate another trophy for this season. Report from สมัคร ufabet

18 times… equal to 0

As seen in the game, Arsenal clearly created more chances to score goals than Liverpool, but some of their shots did not hit the target. Some shot too softly. And all of that is not enough to play against Alisson Becker.

Statistics at the end of the game clearly show that Arsenal created as many as 18 chances to finish the score…which could not be exchanged for a single goal.

  • 6 (times) Kai Havertz

    5 Bukayo Saka

    3 Reiss Nelson

    1 Gabriel Martinelli

    1 Martin Odegaard

    1 Declan Rice

    1 Ben White

In contrast, Liverpool created 12 chances, only 3 on target, but scored 2 goals.

Even though in this game the number 1 striker on the Swan side, Mohamed Salah, didn’t actually come along.

There is no ‘King of the FA Cup’ pattern left.

According to history, Arsenal is the true king of the FA Cup. With 14 championships, 2 times more than Manchester United and 6 times more than Liverpool-Chelsea-Spurs.

However, after Mikel Arteta led the team to their 14th championship in the first year of taking over from Unai Emery (beating Chelsea 2-1), after that it had to be branded . Constantly failing” for this FA Cup team.

In the last four years, there have been two occasions where “Start kicking and drop” ended the journey in only the first game on the field, round 3, whether for the reason that this was a trophy that Arteta didn’t focus on or lost because the team wasn’t ready, whatever.

Two out of the last three years Arsenal have only been eliminated in the third round of the FA Cup by wearing a special version of the “all white kit” that was created to campaign against sharp-edged crime and violence. The violence of youth, both in 2022 when they lost to Nottingham Forest and yesterday’s game when they lost to Liverpool at home.