De La Fuente praises the center pair for stopping Haaland well.

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Spain football coach Luis de la Fuente praised everyone for their good defensive performance. Especially the center pair that stops Erling Haaland’s danger.

The Fierce Bulls defeated Norway 1-0 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round in Group A on Sunday night. Resulting in La Roja successfully winning a ticket to play in the final round in the middle of next year in Germany UFABET

After the game, there was an episode in which the media asked the 62-year-old manager. About how to create a plan to stop the danger of Haaland, Norway’s speedy striker.

“The whole team did an amazing job defending. But we have to mention specifically the pair of central defenders who are responsible for stopping Haaland.” de la Fuente said.

“They did a really good job. and is growing every day. We are insured because of them. And I am very happy with their work.

“The work of everyone on the team has been outstanding. Especially those who have to duel with Norwegian players. Directly in the final area, it was a very complete game.”

In the game, Spain used Emerick Laporte and Robin Le Nordmain in the first half. Before sending David Garcia onto the field to replace Le Nordmain early on Second half.