Ways to Quit Gambling Properly.

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Gambling addiction often has negative effects on gamblers in many ways. Such as debt, stress  , reduced work performance, and relationship problems with friends, family, or lovers. Many ways to quit can help reduce these problems, How to:

1. Avoid or reduce gambling.

Any situation involving gambling should be avoided to help make it easier to stop. If you cannot stop gambling immediately, you may start by reducing the frequency of your or limiting the amount and time you gamble. Then, gradually reduce the amount until you can stop.UFABET 

2. Look for alternative activities.

Doing other activities instead of gambling is another way to quit gambling that can help divert attention from to other things and may help reduce the urge to gamble. You can look for other activities instead, such as exercising,  reading, drawing, or traveling. 

3. Consult with people you trust. 

People who are addicted do not need to isolate themselves or try to solve their problems by themselves. Asking for help, talking to or consulting with someone you trust can help boost your motivation to quit. Reduce your urge to gamble, and help you deal with problems that arise from gambling.

You can also call the hotline 1323 to talk and consult with a psychologist from the Department of Mental Health. This hotline can provide advice on mental health problems  , stress, and related issues.

4. Manage stress 

Stress can be a starting point for many people to gamble. Therefore, a way to quit gambling that may help is to find a way to relieve stress in a proper way instead. Such as meditating  , playing yoga,  listening to music, watching movies, or doing new hobbies. Which may help reduce stress and not cause any negative consequences.