stop believing When a fish bone stuck throat

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stop believing When a fish bone stuck throat.

Fish meat has complete nutrients. Can be used to prepare a variety of foods. However, fish meat is different from other types of meat in that it has bones, and many people may have encountered the problem of fish bones getting stuck in their throats, causing pain while eating.

The fish bones that often get stuck in the throat are mackerel bones. This may be because people like to consume it more than other types of fish. And most of them will know the basics of how to do it. However, there will be some patients whose fish bones are so deeply lodged that they cannot remove the fish bones themselves. 

Today, the admin has good information to share about what to do when you have a fish bone stuck in your throat. And let’s see if such a problem occurs. What should we do?

What are the symptoms of a fish bone stuck in the throat?

  • Sharp pain in the area where the bone was pounded.
  • I swallowed and felt pain. 
  • Can tell where foreign objects are stuck.

How to provide basic first aid

  • If it is a small bone Drink water and gargle vigorously. The bone will be able to come off.
  • If it doesn’t fall off, you should see a doctor immediately. If a fish bone is left stuck in the throat for a long time, Outside will cause pain, cause wounds, cause infection. until complications occur Pus in the throat Can spread into the chest. 

Things you shouldn’t do when a fish bone is stuck in your throat

  • Do not swallow sticky rice balls. โปรโมชั่น ufabet bread or banana Go down to loosen the fish bones. This may cause the fishbone to go deeper and cause more wounds.
  • Avoid using your fingers to remove the fish bones. Because it will cause the fish bones to pierce deeper than before.
  • Drink lemon water to soften the fish bones. It is considered incorrect information. Because lemon juice cannot make fish bones dissolve and disappear on their own as many people understand. And if you drink in large quantities It can also cause stomach irritation.