Palpation found a lump in the breast. What type of lump is at risk for cancer?

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Palpation found a lump in the breast. What type of lump is at risk for cancer?

Breast cancer is the number 1 cancer among Thai women and tends to increase every year. Often people see a doctor to find out the cause after finding a lump in the breast area. Including breast pain But in some cases there will be no breast pain. As a result, most women tend to neglect it.

Therefore, what is important is self observation If you feel a lump in your breast and can roll it around. But if you don’t feel any pain, don’t think it’s nothing. Because breast lumps have 3 main groups of diseases: breast cysts, breast tumors, and breast cancer.

Therefore, women who feel a lump in their breast But if you don’t feel pain, you shouldn’t be complacent. You should see a doctor immediately for a diagnosis. or can prevent breast cancer with screening from the early stages When found early and treated quickly Patients can return to living a more normal life.

There are 3 types of lumps in the breast that are most common:

  1. Breast cysts or a cyst in the breast It looks like a cyst surrounded by mammary gland cells and is watery inside. Breast cysts are known as normal changes in the breast. It is not an early characteristic of cancer. and there was no change to breast cancer In addition, patients with cysts in the breast often have a history of the cyst enlarging and shrinking with the menstrual cycle.
  2. A breast lump is when the cells of the mammary glands and connective tissue of the breast come together to form. Previously, there were 2 types of tissue found: normal lumps In this group, they will not develop cancer. 
  3. Breast cancer lump It has a lump that is somewhat harder than normal lumps. And there may be other symptoms as well, such as pulled skin, pulled nipples, and enlarged lymph nodes. 

Breast cancer warning characteristics That can observe by yourself is as follows.

  1. A lump was found in the breast area. or under the armpit Can do it yourself The lump found may be tender or not painful. All women should self-examine their breasts every month, approximately 1 week after their menstrual cycle ends.
  2. Change in breast size or shape Normally, ทางเข้า ufabet the two breasts may look somewhat different. But keeping an eye on changes in one breast It will help patients know if serious disease occurs at an early stage.
  3. The skin on the breast is sunken down like a dimple or swollen and thick like an orange peel. Including the color or skin around the nipple area changing from before. You should see a doctor immediately for a thorough diagnosis. This is because it may be a symptom of cancer cells that have spread to the tissue beneath the skin.
  4. There is fluid or fluid coming out of the nipple. Especially if the lymph or fluid is found to be similar in color to blood. and comes out of only one hole from the nipple You should see a doctor immediately for examination.
  5. Unusual pain in the breast or the skin of the breast becomes inflamed. If you have breast pain that is not during menstruation. or found that the skin around Breast swollen, red, inflamed Especially when a lump is found along with it. It should absolutely not be neglected.
  6. Itchy rash around the breast that is not completely cured after treatment The rash may appear on the nipples or most of the breast area. It started as just a red, itchy rash. Even after treatment by a dermatologist, it still hasn’t completely healed until it has turned into a hard scab. You should immediately see a doctor for another diagnosis