Why do you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes?

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Why do you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes? You may feel tired from exercising. That do not lose weight But did you know that these problems may be caused by eating incorrectly? As a result, the body does not use energy reserves.

exercise for at least 30 minutes

15 minutes before exercise

The first 15 minutes of exercise The body will draw the main energy. (Sugar from the liver) to use, which is the prepared energy used in the normal activities of the body. When the 15 – 30 minutes when the body knows that. This activity uses more energy than is prepared. It will start to pull the flour into sugar to get energy, 30 minutes or more is still not enough. This time it will start to extract the power reserve. Which is stored in the form of fat used

So it can be explained that Why do you need to exercise at least 45 minutes each time? Because if lower than this, the energy reserve has not used anything. After stopping exercise The body produces a type of acid. Aching muscles (People who exercise a lot Will have a lot of resistance to this type of acid Therefore less ache), but the production process said this It takes quite a lot of energy. The body continues to need energy for at least 15 minutes, so the body continues to extract fat for energy. Explain why after stopping exercise. We are aching High body temperature Sweating continued for about 15 minutes.

15 minutes after exercise

In 15 minutes after stopping, if even a small amount of starchy or sugared food is ingested (1 candy has immediate effect), the body will detect that There is sugar in the main energy source. The body will stop using fat and turn to sugar from the main energy immediately, so 15 minutes after exercise, if you drink soft drinks, sweet water, green tea, eat rice, bread, or anything with starch and sugar. You’re losing the opportunity to lose fat in your body, unfortunately. 

Tips for drinking and eating towards physical activity

  1. 1 hour before exercise should not eat food Because it will cause the body to store too much core energy Making the time period for fat to be used to stretch further.
  2. 15 minutes before exercise, start drinking water. One by one, and so on, because while exercising, the body loses water very quickly. Therefore, it is best to drink it to collect the water in advance.
  3. While exercising Drink water little by little to make up for the loss. According to data, footballers need 2 liters of water per person while playing football, so drink it little by little. As much as possible.
  4. After exercising, sit back and relax and drink plain water. Until the sweat is dry, then take a shower and shower immediately. The body will be cooled down rapidly. Causing the metabolism to stop as well And absolutely forbidden to drink sugar or flour.
  5. Before exercising, I feel hungry, should I eat? The answer is not to eat because to feel hungry. But when the body starts the activity for about 10 minutes, it will be ordered to stop being hungry immediately. And will order to be hungry again When the body starts to stop activities, but the first 15 minutes that stop Do not eat at all. To drink fresh water first It’s the secret to eating and drinking. So that the body can fully affect the exercise
  6. A good plan for a worthwhile workout. Making you no longer have to exercise wasted.