Whats items on your desk to create a comfortable work environment?

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Whats items on your desk to create a comfortable work environment? Having our favorite items close by means we’re already happy. Even when we feel bored. Just seeing or using those items. Can make it relieve stress Of course, the time when it may be most stressful is Period of work.

 The working atmosphere is so important. Especially for office humans who have to sit and work all day. Some people carry work to do at home again. That private space has to be organized in an orderly manner. Choose to arrange things or decorate the table according to our style. Because it will affect the inspiration of work Allowing us to continue working for a long time Not bored So today we pick up the items near the ones that we have in store and you will definitely relax.

items on your desk to create a comfortable work

1. a small tree

Trees can help make us feel more relaxed. Because seeing the green color makes us feel comfortable. The tree is a good resting point. Just find a small tree Come put in a cute patterned pot Your favorite or the same color as the table This just makes the atmosphere more refreshing. Or choose to be a sacred tree to help in various aspects.

2. Pictures

Having a picture we love on your desk gives us a lot of encouragement. Whether it is a family, lover, pet, a picture of a happy time. Attractions that want to go to a festival or even a favorite quote. It can be placed or attached to the wall. The time to turn to look at the encouragement will increase even more.

3. Snacks

Many people are unable to figure out their work, they tend to have hunger pangs. Having little snacks to eat during work Make work more enjoyable The brain ran even more. Or if it’s a healthy lifestyle, try one of your favorite fruit plates. After eating, it will make you feel happy to relieve stress from work immediately. But do not accidentally eat too much May make it full and sleepy

4.Ceramic mug

A glass of water is an important item for office people. Whether we drink water or brew coffee, it is necessary to carry it around. Having a stylish glass A partner with warm water and drink it will help you feel more relaxed.

5. Desk doll is a items on your desk to create a comfortable work

If there is still space left at the table Try to find a small doll. To decorate and play It could be a collection or a cartoon character that we like. In addition to being a decoration, it can also be considered a relaxing spot that represents us.

6. Favorite notebook

Some people may be stressed out of thinking about work. Let’s take a break for just a moment. Write what we have to do, take notes of favorite things. Sticking or drawing pictures will make us feel relaxed. It is like the job of saving and relieving stress.