What types of lipsticks are currently on sale?

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What types of lipsticks are currently on sale?

Lipstick in general

 In the past, lipstick was a matte texture with a lot of pigment. But nowadays there is a huge selection of these types of lipsticks in a wide variety of colors and styles. Both juicy, creamy, light, as well as traditional matte textures that are still popular. But if you choose to use this type of lip color, you may need to reapply it often and need to be more careful when eating. Because the color of the lipstick may come off and follow the suction tube or even the surface of the teeth.

Lip Gloss is a high gloss type. Some manufacturers may add glitter or sunscreen to make their products more attractive. Suitable for people with dry mouth because the lip gloss will add moisture. but may need to be reapplied often and may feel greasy around the lips.

Lip balms

Lip balms are available in both colored and non-colored versions. Sunscreen, vitamin E, or shea butter may be added. to add moisture to the lips It is therefore suitable for people with dry lips.

Lip Stains are quite liquid and come in a tube with a dipped brush. It’s a quick drying type and lasts for around 8-12 hours. Suitable for those who want the color to last all day But you need a makeup remover to remove it. It can also cause dry and chapped lips.

Long Wear Lipstick is a new type of lipstick that helps lips with longer lasting color. It comes in a liquid form packed in a tube with a dipped brush just like a lip stain. Once applied, the lipstick stays on the lips for about 8-12 hours and requires a makeup remover to remove it. Which can cause dry lips had to apply lip gloss over the top again To make your lips beautiful and not chapped.

Lip Liner is a pencil-like stick. It is used to line the lips to help keep the lipstick from smearing off the lips or nearby skin. And may be used on the entire lips before applying other lipsticks to prevent the color of the lipstick from fading during meals.