What can parents help When your child is depressed?

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      What can parents help When your child is depressed ?  Parents play a very important role in how to take care of people with depression to improve symptoms. With the following recommendations.

What can parents help When your child is depressed ?
  •                Understand the patient’s symptoms as a symptom of the disease. Not a weakness
  •                Encourage and bring patients to be treated continuously.
  •                Calm down to listen to children for a reason
  •                Encourage and support him when he does good things.
  •                Talk to your child regularly. And help children solve problems that arise
  •                Ask for help from teachers Or those involved in educational institutions to help the patient when he is out of the house

               Regularly monitor the patient’s symptoms and keep track of behavior If there is a desire to injure yourself, they will be able to help promptly. Adolescent depression can be prevented. Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of adolescent depression. The Department of Mental Health recommends using the following 3 MP principles.

1. Look out for

          To give him warmth and intimacy to give him a refuge. Always have a mentor when problems arise.

2. Pay attention to listen.

          Always talk, understand, and pay attention to what teens want to say.

3. Forward and Link

          If found abnormal symptoms that indicate depression. Should immediately bring to consult a psychiatrist and continue treatment.