Tips to train your brain for good memory

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Tips to train your brain for good memory. In the morning before going to work Or go out Forgetfulness of certain things Everyone used to be too often, the symptoms of forgetfulness, forgetting you, may seem normal. But if we have frequent forgetfulness It may not be a good result in our daily life for sure.

Tips to train your brain

1. Talk to yourself Before getting out of bed every morning

Wake up your brain by saying “Morning” to yourself when you wake up. To turn on the switch To the communication brain This kind of self-talk will stimulate your brain to work faster in the morning.

2. Tell yourself What do you need to do today?

In the morning we should tell ourselves what we need to do today. As a reminder And preparing for various activities Tell yourself every morning that  Tips to train your brain “What must we do today?”  Or will write a  list  in the notebook to tell myself If you do this on a regular basis You will be able to reduce your symptoms of forgetfulness and forgetfulness. And it will definitely accomplish what you will accomplish.

3. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth.

When we use the hand that doesn’t feel good to brush our teeth Our body will Uses 1.6 times more brain energy than normal,  so using your weak hand can stimulate the brain to stay awake. It also allows us to concentrate on the movement of the hand and mouth, which awakens the brain of movement better.

4.Explore yourself in front of a mirror

In the morning when we are done Before leaving the house for work or errands, put yourself in front of the mirror. To explore your body And move the facial muscles by smiling, laughing or expressing emotions This will help relax the muscles on the face and also. Awaken the brain emotionally  To feel awake Ready to ask yourself if you forgot anything And check various things Before leaving home

5. Get quality sleep

This is very important. Quality sleep Making us do not have to wake up to the day that is in a hurry Because of quality sleep Causing when we wake up, our brains will start to act Ready to follow the steps above When the brain is fully rested Our brains will remember better. Getting good quality sleep is essential for  treating forgetfulness.