The meaning of Christmas.

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Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the supreme prophet of Christians around the world. It’s an important feast day. and the most meaningful one day because Christians consider Jesus was not just an ordinary human being. born like a normal child but he is the son of the Most High and having a divine nature and a human being in Himself His birth is a special event that is unique and like no one else.


The importance of Christmas.

Is a very important day in Christianity, not an important day . just outside which is but the outer shell of the Christmas celebration But the essence is love. of the gods To the human world, that is, God loved man so much that he gave His only begotten Son to be born as a fleshly man named “Jesus”.

God’s humility and honor to be born as a human being To save mankind from the bondage of evil and various sins, so the importance of Christmas lies in celebrating God’s love for the human world. Seriously, and see yourself in Christ Jesus as a human being. more than anything else

History of Christmas.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus. We celebrate on December 25. The word Christmas is a transliteration of the English. Which comes from the Old English Christes Maesse, which means worshiping the Mass of Christ. Because attending Mass is the most important tradition that Christians practice.

The word Christes Maesse was first found in ancient documents. In English in the year 1038 and this word was changed to the word. The greeting that we hear often at this festival is Merry Christmas. Merry in Old English means peace and peace of mind. According to report by ufabet