Signs that your running shoes should be replaced.

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If we don’t remember how many kilometers we’ve been running or walking in our current pair of running shoes, How do we know when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes? Which we can check the condition of the shoes by ourselves from the following signs.It is important knowledge.

1. I feel aches and pains.

If while wearing running shoes or walking and having pain. foot discomfort There are bruises on the heel. This may include the muscles in the shins, knees, and other areas to become inflamed or painful. It’s possible that it may be caused by shoes that are old and worn out.

2. Shoes have a tear.

How long do running shoes last?

Take a look around the running shoes. If it looks old and shabby There is a tear or hole. Non-slip rubber sole Including shoes that are dirty, sweat stains, stains, UFABET musty smell This is a clear sign that the shoe is too old to wear anymore.

3. Shoe soles wear out.

One of the most important parts of running shoes that should be checked regularly is their condition. The midsole, or area of ​​soft sponge, is between the front of the sole and the bottom of the sole. because it is a layer that helps support all body weight to spread the shock to other parts which if it is corroded or damaged Or press your fingers and you feel stiff and inflexible, it means it’s time to replace a new pair of shoes.

4. Poor shock absorption

If, when you put your feet on the ground while running, you feel that there is more impact than usual. Try the test by dropping your shoes on a hard surface a few inches off the ground. If the sandals have been rocking for more than half a second It’s possible that the shoe has lost its shock absorbing performance.

5. Soft shoes

Try holding the shoe and twist it in the opposite direction. If it can be easily twisted twisted and twisted until deformed This means that the shoes are so old that their resistance is not good anymore. Because shoes that aren’t too old will have a good amount of flexibility, but they’re not as soft as that.