Mold in the house

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Mold in the house. It’s raining a lot these days. Sometimes it rains all day, causing mold to grow on ceilings, ceilings, walls and furniture. These, if left out, are harmful to the respiratory system and cause health problems to come up. Especially for those who already have allergy problems. It’s heavy. Let’s take a closer look today. mold in these houses how to get rid.

Mold in the house.

There are many types of mold that are commonly found in homes: black, brown, green, red, yellow and white. They are often found in groups. According to damp areas such as ceilings, walls, furniture, under carpets, bedding and air conditioners often occur in houses with holes, cracks, water leaking into the house. 

If these fungal spores enter the body Often cause health problems such as if it gets into the eyes and nose can cause irritation, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, some people may have a fever. or have asthma or some may cause allergies followed by pneumonia 

When there is mold in the house So mold removal is important. It can be done in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Also wipe the moldy surface. thick tissue paper or newspaper Wet the water slightly. then wipe in one direction when wiped Should be disposed of in a sealed trash can. 
  2. Use a thick sheet of tissue paper. or newspaper moistened with soapy water or water mixed with dishwashing liquid Repeatedly wipe in the same area. by wiping in the same direction 
  3. Use a fungicide, such as 5-7% vinegar, strong alcohol. wipe clean again It is the final stage of sterilization. 

cleaner Should wear a mask to prevent mold spores from entering the body. and should not turn on the fan or air conditioner during mold removal 

For preventing the hometown of the fungus, it is not difficult to do. That is to keep the house hygienic. The bedroom should be well ventilated. Open the doors and windows to let in natural light. In addition, furniture, bedding and furniture should be cleaned regularly.