Mind adjustment before and after retirement

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Mind adjustment before and after retirement. Are you ready for retirement? Believe that many people are secretly worried quite a bit. But everyone has to enter retirement age inevitably. But no matter what life style you imagine What do you want to do during your later life? It is necessary to be prepared. In order to have financial stability, physical health, and mental health to step into the coming age of life.

Mind adjustment before and after retirement

Stepping into a happy retirement life

Adapt to the  health of the body to be healthy or not. It starts from ourselves. A healthy body takes time, so when you think about it, take action right away. Better than changing the day indefinitely because of good health. Means to make good use of the remaining time Have done what they want Can rely on and take care of themselves

Adjust mind  in retirement, you need to meet with the many changes in the physical, psychological, social life after retirement. Sometimes this can include financial status, being mentally prepared will help you adjust and live happily. It can also help keep you from sticking, so ask questions and answer yourself. What will I do when I retire? Do we change our lives or not? And what I do is true happiness or not.

In addition to adjusting the above two things… time. It is another important condition of life after retirement, the most obvious is that from the original you have to spend 8 hours a day working, but when you retire. You’ll have plenty of time in a day. Able to do various activities on their own such as going on vacation, traveling, exercising, learn more. Lie down watching TV all day and night, etc.

When do you want to retire?

  • 60 years old
  • Retirement from fulltime job Then came out to do his own business
  • Success And retire from a young age

Nowadays, Thais tend to postpone their retirement more quickly. Many people set the age they want to retire, for example, early retire at age 45 – 50 to live the way they have planned.

Mind adjustment before and after retirement

20 years, 30 years, 40 years, let’s guess roughly how long we will live. This factor is consistent with health care. Makes us know how many years we need to spend money after retirement Health integrity must be maintained Adjust your lifestyle to be less at risk.Living means more time to appreciate the beauty of this world.

Readiness after retirement

When it comes to availability… Of course, many people will think about living expenses. Examine yourself how all this time I lived my life. Some people may have a pension. Some people may not have Investing is a good way. Able to extend the balance to grow when there is no work When we know the financial status Goals and length of retirement We were able to generate a continuous income.

Another popular property building practice is buying houses, condos, and land for rent. Or even investing in the form of mutual funds, bonds, stocks, government bonds. And to keep the cash flow uninterrupted Need to study some knowledge Choose the right fund too.

For some people used to work. But when he retired May feel that they are worthless Want to work to earn income after retirement Is the selection of part-time work Or online It can generate good results and income as well. They may choose a job that is in line with their skills and aptitude. Or extending from the original work that has been done before, such as tutoring, accounting, design contract Key information, etc.