Iron Man environmental event

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Iron Man environmental event Robert Downey Jr. launches Ventures fund to invest in sustainability innovation. Earlier in 2019, the 55-year-old talented artist Robert Downey Jr. announced the launch of the ‘Footprint Coalition’ project to bring technology and robots into collaboration. Together to help make the world clean without pollution and create an environment Better ecosystem .

Iron Man environmental

Last Wednesday, January 27 the past. European local time, Robert Downey Jr. announced the establishment of Venture Funds, the Footprint Coalition.

At the World Economic Forum to prepare to invest in companies and startups that develop innovation and technology specifically for sustainability.

In an interview with Fast Company. He also said that investments by the funds he has established are focused on empowering and competing companies and startups. To be able to develop technology for the sustainability of this world Meanwhile, according to co-partner Jonathan Schulhof. Downey has pledged his personal money into the fund worth US $ 10 million.

“Our ambition is our determination to tackle the problems that deeply root in the world seriously,” the 55-year-old actor said of the intentions behind setting up a Sustainability Innovation Fund during his participation. WEF jobs

The Downey-established fund will focus on investing in five technologies. There is food and agriculture, energy and transport, education and media, materials and advanced environmental solutions. 

The Footprint Coalition has invested in at least five companies. Including Arcadia Earth (Media), RWDC Industries (Biotechnology), Ÿnsect (Insect Protein Producer), Aspiration (Social Banking) and Cloud Paper (a contributor Production of paper from bamboo)