If accidentally ingested lipstick Will it be dangerous or not?

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If accidentally ingested lipstick Will it be dangerous or not? Even when applying lipstick, it helps to make your lips look beautiful and colorful. But the ingredients of lipstick may be hidden from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and some toxic metals. Moderate use of lipstick can cause consumers to swallow approximately 24 milligrams of lipstick per day. 

This will allow the body to receive large quantities of chromium. Chromium is associated with the incidence of tumors in the stomach. In addition, high doses of manganese may increase the risk of nervous system problems as well. This may affect the brain development of consumers in adolescents. And consumers who are pregnant women need to be more careful when using lipstick. because it may affect the fetus

However, when comparing the amount of metal found in lipstick and the metal contaminated in food. The chromium content of lipsticks taken daily was less than 1 percent compared to the risk of chromium contaminating food. And the manganese content in food is 1000 times higher than the manganese obtained from lipstick. As is usually the standard for the metal that comes with lipstick products. By providing the criteria that consumers can use lipstick safely.