How skinny gain weight to be healthy

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How skinny gain weight to be healthy. In the case of people who are very thin as a result of health problems such as eating disorders effective weight gain is to cure the disease.  If neglected and not treated and let the body become thin for a long time may result in other health problems. Therefore, consult a doctor for proper treatment. including advice on health care Eating and gaining weight appropriately go hand in hand. 

People who are generally thin should focus on eating all five food groups:

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, rice, potatoes, bread, dairy products. Or choose foods that are unsaturated fat. But should be consumed in moderation. and drink water on a daily basis. So that the body receives nutrients, energy, vitamins, minerals in full. Enabling the body to be used in various working processes sufficiently. You may consult a doctor or nutritionist for proper and safe consumption. To gain weight like a healthy person.

You should also avoid potentially unhealthy foods like high-fat foods. Especially fried, oily, salty foods, and sweets like chocolate, cakes, or sugary drinks. However, if the above doesn’t work, you may need to go to the hospital for further tests. Because it may be caused by health problems that you did not know before.