How is teen depression treated?

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How is teen depression treated?          Today’s treatment of depression has made great progress. There are methods for treating depression as follows:

1. Drug treatment

          Medicines used to treat depression are antidepressants. In the first phase, the doctor will give you a low dose. So that the drug helps to adjust the chemicals in the brain gradually And follow up will be scheduled every 1-2 weeks if the antidepressant doesn’t have any side effects The doctor will gradually adjust the medication up to every 1-2 weeks until the patient returns to normal.

2. Psychotherapy

          In the event that drug treatment does not produce satisfactory results. Your doctor may also provide you with psychotherapy.

          However, the treatment of depression will gradually disappear, do not go away or get better immediately. Therefore, during the course of treatment, you should follow the advice of the psychiatrist without failures. And should continue to take the drug

          In addition, the doctor will assess the patient’s symptoms before having other diseases as well or not. Such as anxiety or bipolar disorder. In which if there is a condition of the said disease together. Doctors will perform treatment at the same time.How long does it take to treat depr.