Health tips when your age touch 40

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Health tips when your age touch 40. Age is just a passing number… It seems this sentence refers only to people who care for good health, because if not age and time will continue to hurt you. Of taking care of yourself when entering Laksi Women can have a good body, neck waist, precise face, and men can also be fit, kick, beep loud! What are some good tips for taking care of your own health? Let’s see.

Health tips when your age touch the number 4

1. Drink a lot of water.

The most basic story that we repeat many times But often not possible Drinking water will help you feel refreshed. It also helps keep your internal systems working fully. It helps cleanse the body’s various organs. In addition, drinking a lot of water can also help you reduce your appetite. If symptoms of forgetting to drink a full 8-12 glasses a day or still try filling the bottle. Then aim to keep drinking that bottle Will be available

2. Avoid processed foods

Processed food or Processed food that includes meatballs, sausages, ham, bacon, etc., which of these foods. You shouldn’t eat it often. Research has shown that it can increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer as well. As well as the main ingredient of processed foods Often contain large amounts of salt If you eat too much Will cause edema and weight gain Can lead to obesity more

3. Avoid sugary foods.

Like eating sweets Or sweet food It may be a difficult taste. But what if we say sweet foods can hurt your skin? Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and crow’s feet may be more easily visited than usual if you like sweet treats. Nowadays, ready-made drinks are sold in the market. Often high in sugar So for the safety of our beauty Better avoid adding sweetness from other sources. Abstain from carbonated drinks, junk snacks, such as fruits, desserts and bakery items, and if you can do it yourself, it will be very good. Because you can control it from the process. Choose better sweetening sources such as honey and stevia sugar, for example.

4. Do not drink alcohol.

If you do not want to get fat easily, dry skin and worn out face Abstain from all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Because of this, although it is useful in stimulating the blood. And increased appetite for some But it is not worth it. When compared to the disadvantage Because if you want your blood to walk well There are other foods that are useful. Without side effects Including exercise Therefore, the faster it is cut, the better. Do not procrastinate again.

5. Avoid fast food.

Fast food fast food can be convenient. But it is definitely not good for your health at this stage. Not a young age If you can avoid it, it is better to avoid it. Fast food, not just hot dogs hamburger Only as you can understand But also to fried meatballs, bananas, khaek, and many more because these foods include Processed food, including stir frying, frying and frying with oil, reusing until black. Until it is a source of cholesterol problems And cancer

6. Get enough sleep.

Their duties and responsibilities increase with age. It may make you feel stressed. Until resulting in insomnia Or fall asleep and wake up often throughout the night, so you’ll need to find something to help you relax These are all help that do not look damaged. Usually adults should sleep at least 6 hours a day. It will make the body healthy, fresh brain and not aging as well.