Health problems that skinny people should be aware of

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Health problems that skinny people should be aware of. People who are overly thin may be at the same risk of developing diseases or health problems as people who are overweight. Here are some examples:


It is a condition in which the body lacks nutrients or energy in sufficient quantities for daily needs. The cause is often caused by eating less food, fasting or having problems eating. Including some diseases can affect the absorption of nutrients as well. therefore may cause the patient to feel tired no stamina have frequent illnesses irregular menstruation Thinning or hair loss, dry skin, or dental problems This condition can lead to iron deficiency anemia. weak immune system or vitamin deficiency


osteoporosis It is another problem that thin people should be aware of. Because one research indicates that People who are underweight may be at risk for decreased bone density. and eventually became ill with osteoporosis. This disease results in fragile bones and breaks easily. causing pain abnormal bone structure. They may also have to undergo surgery and physical therapy.  

Problems with menstruation and pregnancy

People with reduced weight may have less or no menstrual periods. especially weight loss due to inadequate diet or excessive exercise which is a signal of anorexia  By the reason that thin people may be vulnerable to this problem. This is because lower body fat can affect the production of hormones that cause ovulation. This menstrual problem may also lead to infertility. This is especially true for those who have missed their periods for several months. As known as amenorrhea. If you plan to conceive while you are very thin or underweight. You may want to consult your doctor about the risks and safety first.