Garmin Lily The Smart Watch

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Try Garmin Lily the Smart Watch for women.

Garmin Lily The Smart Watch from Garmin camp recently launched And we find it very interesting because. It is the first smart watch made especially for women. Both the appearance that looks compact, modern, agile, but hidden with sweetness Easy to match with clothes Plus enhancing the personality of the wearer Just move your wrist The watch face shows a touch screen. 

Garmin Lily The Smart Watch

The author got Lily to try it for a while. Inside the box contains one watch. Clip-on charging cable And instruction manual. The case measures only 34mm, and it can be chosen in 2 different colors: the classic model with a leather band and a hand dial. And a sporty version that is matched with a silicone strap with a digital numeral dial for a cool look Getting started is very easy. To fully charge the battery Load the Garmin Connect app, fill in a few details. Finished and it can be used immediately. Modern and stylish design with feminine elegance and subtlety.

Sport version comes with a silicone strap and a digital watch face.

1 battery charge, 5 days usage

Let’s look at the functionality. With a purpose for women Of course, many functions are very favorable to women. Whether it is a mode to track the menstrual cycle. Although there are many camps to do But still not as detailed. And pregnancy tracking mode Help the mother to control and summarize the pregnancy condition by week. Including the development of the fetus as well.

Other functions That smart watches should have Garmin Lily, too, whether it’s a pulse measurement. Step Count, Calorie Calculation, Stress Measurement, Breath Check, Advanced Sleep Monitor. Also even to check the energy level in the body And measure the oxygen in the blood, it is ready.

For athletic girls This watch has a choice of exercise and fitness modes. It can focus on more than 13 types of basic exercise data and can be used on the watch in up to 7 modes. Even if the case does not have GPS. But it can be used Via a smartphone connection instead. But one thing we really like is the VO2MAX program that offers a level of fitness. Based on their past exercise data.