Depression : symptoms in teenagers may be different.

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Depression: symptoms in teenagers may be different.

       Depression : symptoms in teenagers may be different.   Teen depression symptoms may manifest in a different way than typical depression symptoms. Which may mislead parents and those around them I don’t think the teen has depression symptoms, for example.

               – Behavior of aggression, stubbornness, resistance to violence

               – May have alcohol addiction, sex addiction.

               – irritability, irritability  

               – insomnia or sleep a lot

               – Sluggish, separate, introverted, not affiliated with anyone

               – Not cheerful, not smiling, absent, bored.

               – Do not want to talk to anyone Don’t want to meet friends

               – I don’t want to go to school I don’t want to study Unable to concentrate on study and work

               – Having problems studying, coming late, not going to sleep in the classroom  

               – Does not take care of himself, eats too much or is fat, or does not eat very thin.  

               – Not confident in yourself Thinking that you are worthless, discouraged, desperate  

               – hurt yourself

               -Don’t want to live any longer May eventually kill himself

          However, people with depression will experience changes in mood, thinking, behavior and may experience other physical symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, headache, and abdominal pain. Therefore, those around you need to observe the changes that occur. If found to be at risk of depression Should be taken to see a psychiatrist and treated properly. Or try to assess symptoms of depression from a test conducted by the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child and Adolescent Mental Health first.