Change life by drinking water

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Change life by drinking water. Have you ever felt dull, blurred vision, rough skin? Dry, chapped lips Eyes lack water And feel sleepy all the time When these symptoms occur to you, especially women.

 Do not overlook these symptoms absolutely. Because that could be an indication that your body is dehydrated. Which in severe cases can cause you to have a bladder infection. Which is dangerous and extremely painful burning while urinating.

Change life by drinking water.

Typically, the amount of water that women should drink each day is between 8 and 10 glasses. Some people with frequent bladder infections can drink more. Additionally, people with the infection should change their clothes frequently to avoid dampness, especially after exercise, eating probiotic foods, and urinating every time after sex.

How do you know if you drink enough water?

There are many benefits of drinking enough water for your body, something that you will recognize for yourself. By drinking enough clean water for the body, the  brain is able to process thinking faster. Memorize and understand things faster, increase concentration of work. Your skin will be radiant, healthy, smooth, without wrinkles. Look younger Less headache As for the results that may not be obvious to the naked eye, such as improved liver and kidney function , the body will excrete waste products. 

Effectively Improved blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart attack, thick blood, heart disease and stroke. In addition, the water strengthens the joints. More flexible Drinking a lot of water can also help you lose weight, as water helps drive out waste.Leaving the organs to clean up the body. You will have less craving for junk food. And bad breath will be reduced as well..

If drinking more water

On the other hand, drinking too much water is also punishable.Try to observe how much you drink and how much you feel about your body . Because the body has a mechanism that tells you it has been getting enough water for that period Do not forcibly drink too much water. In the heat and feeling thirsty The water that is at room temperature should be sipped little by little. Avoid drinking lots of water at a time or very cold, very hot, and always observe your urine . Dark yellow urine may indicate that you are dehydrated. The pale yellow urine indicates that you are drinking enough water.

Another problem that plagues many people is constipation. And drinking water can help relieve constipation as well. The reason people drink less water is often constipated. Because when dehydrated The intestines will draw water from the stool to maintain moisture. Making the stool hard and difficult to excrete A simple solution is to try to drink a glass of warm water before bed because the water will increase the efficiency of Digestive system And make the intestines move better In addition, people with constipation should eat a lot of fiber, vegetables, and fruits in the habit of excreting them every day. Do not sleep late or sleep deprivation,   and when the body has excreted waste better. Systems in the body tend to work at their best.