Be careful salaryman.

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Most of the salaryman tends to blame the salary for how little it is. Or the cost of living is high? Yes, you are wrong. But did you forget that There are many other factors that can make your wallet tasty as well. Becareful your lifestyle.

Be careful! 5 traps of salaryman.

  • Extravagant, extravagant, can’t stop

Sales at various stores It’s like a word that hypnotizes us. Let us feel that we want, want to have, and want to possess that thing. And when you lose consciousness with the word Sale, then you will be trapped and ready to pay with pay, and of course, when you pay like this. It will require you to bring money in the future to spin first. or having to borrow others to use first Until you have to have debts in your head, how?

  • No spending planning

Even if you have a lot of income and little expenses, you can also be in debt. If you don’t know how to plan your finances That will make you have no money left to save for emergency use, so all salarymen , whether they have more or less income. should allocate savings in their own way, such as using 3 parts of the money and saving 1 part, etc.

  • terror

Fear is the dream net of a salaryman. to be stuck with the same things, not leaving the comfort zone, which these dream nets Will make all salary people not successful in life. Life is sedentary, not going anywhere, money doesn’t increase, only less and less.

  • many burdens

When entering a full working age , we all have responsibilities that are responsible for both ourselves and our families, such as installments, down payments, social costs, etc. If you try to cut out some unnecessary things, for example, go to society for only 1-2 months. times, it should help save a lot of expenses ever.

  • Doing only one full-time job

One full-time job that shows that You will have income from only one way. Different from some salaryman doing other jobs. In addition to regular work

which of course Getting a supplementary job will be another option that will help the salaryman who doesn’t stay behind. past the middle of the month and the end of the month goes smoothly I’m not sure that there may be any savings as well.