Adolescent depression What is the cause

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          What can be caused by depression? Now it was found that it may not be the only matter of chemicals in the brain. But including these factors.

Adolescent depression

1. Heredity    

      Heredity is highly involved in depression. Especially with people who have been sick repeatedly, even after treatment until the symptoms get better.

2. Disorders of chemicals in the brain.       

   In depressive patients, serotonin and norepinephrine are included. (Norepinephrine) decreases and may have abnormalities of these chemical mediated cells.

3. Characteristics          

Some people have ideas that make themselves sad. Such as negative thoughts. Has a propensity to emphasize his own mistakes When faced with stressful situations.

4. Family, academic and social problems      

     The pressure, the stress, the disappointment of studying Hard study, love problems, problems with friends and peers, are additional factors that make teenagers feel bad. Look at yourself negatively And chronic stress in adolescents can lead to depression.

5. More distant relationships       

   The way of life in the urban society has contributed to making the family feel more distant. Different people leave the house to do their duties Back in the house, there’s a private world on the phone screen. Seldom talk to each other. And may result in some children feeling lonely Lack of warmth And how different people live like this might make it less understandable. Because rarely talked to each other.

6. Economic and social conditions     

     It can be seen that in this age, new graduates are unemployed. Causing adolescents to lack self-confidence Even with a master’s degree, but still not ready to work. Because they feel insecure in their own abilities. In addition, the skill problem does not meet the market demand. Including changing working values And the feeling of comparing oneself with others in the social world. These factors can make a teenager less self-esteem.

7. Lifestyle affecting the biological system of the body.         

Research has found that The intestinal microflora is associated with depression. And lifestyle of adolescents, whether eating, sleeping and exercising Has changed a lot from the past. Until it may affect the biological system of the body.

8. Lack of problem management skills        

  There are several data that reflect that. Adolescents are not trained to develop proactive and problem-solving skills, such as positively thinking that every problem has a solution. And when we can solve that problem, we will be better. And believe in yourself more

9. Clues in the mind          Such as being ignored or scolding for no reason or being sexually abused. As well as the various violence that affects childhood. It can be an unsettling problem and make it easier for teens to risk depression.

10. Bully

          Bullying today is more intense and broader than in the past. Especially cyber bullying The embarrassment, stress and stress of these pressures can make teenagers go unnoticed and at greater risk of depression.