7 Techniques to practice English

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7 Techniques to practice English. English language skills It is an essential skill to learn and communicate today. But sometimes not used for a long time I feel insecure Who will speak to someone Felt embarrassed. Sometimes it sounds, but I don’t know how to say it. Because I can’t think of words Speaking in English with a Thai accent until you become insecure that you become afraid to speak, today Goodlife try to shake off those insecurities and practice your English through the following 7 easy tips.

Techniques to practice English

1. Imitate your favorite idol or artist.

When we watch our favorite movies, TV shows or YouTube clips that we are interested in In addition to enjoying the performance of our favorite actors or idols. If we want to practice English as well. Try to listen carefully to what they say. Then try to repeat those sentences, listen repeatedly and repeat them many times, may turn on English subtitles. This will help practice reading aloud as well. By this way, we will have both fun. And able to practice listening and speaking skills at the same time

2. Practice speaking directly with a native speaker.

Many websites are currently open for free for those who want to practice speaking English with native speakers. This is the nature of the conversations, for example, we speak English with him. Then the other party who is practicing Thai speaks Thai with us. Each side will help to correct the use of the language and the accent of the interlocutors.

3. Set days for speaking English only is a techniques to practice English

We may choose some places and go out with friends. By setting a rule that in traveling together, you must speak only in English Which would like to suggest that Friends who choose to join in the fun should be good at English. And we are already happy Because if going on a trip with the people we are with is already stressful May make us do not want to speak English

4. Try online speaking practice activities.

Introducing ufabet online with videos and topic information. To help improve your English speaking skills. Examples of preparation for college entrance exams Including other tips So much more to find and try.

5. Read aloud

For people who like to read novels Or short stories I recommend spending at least 30 minutes a day in normal reading and another 30 minutes reading aloud, which is a great way to improve your reading skills and practice English pronunciation.

If not sure how to pronounce Can open and view information from Google or YouTube Without the need to understand the meaning of every word that is spoken Because the goal of this method is for us to practice speaking more confidence. They may practice reading aloud in a private room, such as a bedroom or other rooms of the home that feel comfortable.

6.Create the success you want.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine the success of the English language, communicating fluently with others in different situations. Imagine yourself receiving a smile and a compliment from your audience. And remember that image and feeling When faced with imaginary situations We will have confidence And dare to speak English

7. Record a video of your own speech is techniques to practice English

Recording a video while you are talking Then bring it back and open it repeatedly, it will show you how we speak And which parts should be improved You can share the video with your family or friends to watch as well. To give them more advice. After that, we return to practice speaking again. And keep doing this until you gain more confidence.