10 ways to cure a hangover.

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Hangover happens because we drink too many alcoholic beverages. After that, the body will show an anti-alcohol reaction. Which have different levels of severity according to the physical condition or the preparation of each.

Symptoms include dehydration, headache, irritability, nausea, vomiting, fatigue. Some people can’t sleep. Lack of taste in the tongue, bitter mouth, bitter throat, fever, affecting the mental state. Cause depression and anxiety followed.

10 ways to cure a hangover.

Black coffee

Espresso shot or a cup of hot americano. UFABET Help to fix the hang a lot better. The caffeine in coffee will help you recover from dizzy spells. and diuretic causing alcohol to leave the body.

Boiled eggs, bread and orange juice.

 Waking up to fill your stomach with boiled eggs. with protein to help trap toxins, bread, help absorb toxins and prevent vomiting Followed by a glass of orange juice. Because vitamin C in orange juice It will help reduce dizziness, cure hangovers and compensate for dehydration after heavy drinking.

Lemon juice mixed with warm water

Or honey can also help with a hangover. and is popular with the general public It also helps to reduce the amount of residue in the liver as well.

Vitamin drink .

That contains a mixture of vitamin B and vitamin C will be a great help. It can be easily purchased at convenience stores. or general pharmacy Because such vitamins can help reduce a lot of hangover symptoms. You should also drink plenty of plain water to compensate for the water lost after heavy drinking.

Mineral water.

 When the body loses a lot of water. because of alcohol Party line should have mineral salt water. Soluble type is used to help restore dehydration symptoms as well. And should be taken with you to sip all day to cure hangovers and continually add water to the body and make various systems of the body to work better

Ginger juice.

Herbal drink It helps to solve the hang very well. Ginger juice will help restore the body, respiratory system and prevent headaches that will come to some extent. It is also a helper to drive alcohol out of the digestive system as well.


Potassium in Banana will help prevent dehydration and coat the stomach inside causing the body to absorb less alcohol and drive out faster

Basil leaves.

 Try to crush or crush, mix with hot water or hot tea, leave for 5 minutes, then filter only the water to drink. This fixes the hang. and reduce nausea as well

Chocolate milk.

 Helps prevent hangovers as well. Plus it doesn’t cause severe headaches when waking up as well.

Light exercise.

 To drive alcohol, such as running, push-ups, allowing the body to sweat. This will drive the alcohol out of the body, helping to cure hangovers and making the body feel more rejuvenated.